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Why Spring is the best time to start surfing in Ireland

by tramoresurfshop Admin | | | 1 Comments

One question prospective surfers always ask us before or after their first couple of lessons is what is the best time to really start surfing. Well, there's never a better time than the present, whenever that is, but if you have to pick one season of the year, then it has to be spring!

We have come up with three reasons why right now is the best time to start surfing in 2017:

1.The days are getting longer. One of the best things about spring time in Ireland is the ever longer days and evenings that open up a world of after work/school surfing possibility. No longer are you restricted to the Gym or pool to get your after hours exercise fix but now the prospect of getting out for a 6pm surf can put a spring in your step leaving the office. The ever longer evenings are the best time to make a real effort to improve.

Spring is the perfect time for an evening surf lesson

2.The Waves While summer often (but not always) brings the best weather in Ireland, it also usually comes with a relative lack of proper swell. Spring on the other hand, along with autumn, is usually packed with lots of days of excellent waves and favorable winds. In terms of a trade off between consistency of waves, pleasant temperatures and good weather spring is certainly the best season for surfing in Ireland, especially in Tramore.

Spring is also a great time to go stand up paddle boarding

3.No Crowds While we don't always get the best weather in Ireland we are still very good at packing out the beaches as soon as the temperature gets above 15 degrees. You might not think it now, but most surfing beaches in Ireland, like Tramore get very crowded with 100s of surfers and swimmers in Summer. This can be a little bit daunting for a beginner wary of either crashing into someone or being crashed into. Spring on the other hand is mercifully empty with plenty of space to learn in.

So there you have it, three reasons why Spring is the best time to start surfing in Ireland. If you fancy taking advantage of these longer evenings, good waves and uncrowded conditions why not join one of our evening public lessons this spring.


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