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Stag and Hen Parties With Tramore Surf School

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A surf lesson is a fun activity for a stag or hen party or for the morning after, so why not come to Tramore for a bit of fun in the water with us for a day you'll never forget. Tramore Surf School offers Irish surf lessons for stag and hen parties for both beginners and those more experienced. Still having doubts? Then consider the reasons for choosing a stag/hen surf lesson with Tramore Surf School below:

    1. Get Rid Of Your Hangover
      Salt water and exercise is the best cure for a hangover. You may have a headache when you arrive but once you’re in the water you’ll have forgotten all about it. Catching a wave with us is scientifically proven to clear up a hangover.

    1. Pick Up A New Hobby
      Once you experience the thrill of riding your very first wave, you’ll be hooked for life. It doesn’t matter whether you stand up for a second or a minute, there really is no way back. That’s good though – we all know that the secret to a long-lasting, happy relationship is to have separate interests and hobbies. Besides, how impressed will your partner be when they see you riding a wave for the very first time?

  1. Bonding outside the pub!
    There really is no better way to bond with your friends than by going surfing together! It’s an incredible experience and one that you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll fall many times, no doubt, but that’s part of the fun. Plus, now that you’re committing to that special someone, your friends will probably start whinging that you don’t spend as much time with them. But could surfing be a way to re-connect with your friends and keep your friendship strong?

Tramore is only 12km away (17 minutes) from Waterford city, 124km (1 hour 48 minutes) from Cork city and 183km (2 hours) from Dublin city so no mater where you are the night before, we are probably not too far away the next day. Check out the directions on how to reach us here - http://www.tramoresurfschool.com/about-us/getting-here.html

So what are you waiting for, book your stag or hen party with Tramore Surf School now! The Stag/Hen goes FREE! For more information drop us a line at info@tramoresurfshop.com or ring us at 051-391011/ 087-7563993.

Book a stag/hen lesson with Tramore Surf School now – http://www.tramoresurfschool.com/lessons.html

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