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March 31st Weekend Surf Report

by tramoresurfshop Admin | | | 1 Comments

What's the surf in Tramore like this weekend? Read on to find out.

Saturday is the day to get out on the beach with a mid sized wind swell, 4ft 9 seconds, and moderate offshore north west wind forecast all day its going to be head high and clean close to the morning high tide. This is by far your best bet for the weekend and should see Tramore beach get as good as it ever gets really with great clean waves for improvers, intermediate and advanced surfers.

Saturday sees a perfect combination of offshore winds and small clean swell

However this swell is forecast to drop off throughout the day and, with the dropping tide as well, should see a drastic reduction in size into the afternoon. This will be still great conditions for beginner surfers with plenty of time to get up on the wave. While the main swell is dropping off, a sneaky secondary groundswell 3ft at 11 seconds combined with the offshore wind may seem some good waves found elsewhere on the coast in the afternoon for more experienced surfers.>

Sunday also will be best in the morning with smaller but still very clean waves likely in the morning in the waist high range quickly becoming smaller and more onshore as the day goes on.

Sunday sees small clean waves in the morning dropping off quickly

So there you have, best surf of the weekend is forecast for Saturday morning but likely to be a great day overall. Sunday might still have a few waves early in the morning if you can get up for it. All in all, a great weekend for getting to Tramore with clean waves and sun forecast. Get on it!

As always be sure to check webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

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