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Alder Plasma HoodAlder Plasma Hood

Alder Plasma Hood

Instore Price: €39.99
The Full Length Balaclava Style Alder Plasma Wetsuit Surf Hood is a great fitting, snug winter solution for those cold days in the water! Constructed with 2mm neoprene which will prolong the cold winter water which causes brainfreeze, complete with soft lining and peak to divert rain and shed water quickly after duck-diving! Under and over neck seal to stop flushing, perforated ear panels to improve hearing.

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Manufacturer: Alder



We had trouble keeping up with demand for these last year. As usual with Alder, this is a thoroughly well thought out bit of kit.

This hood features a draw-string arrangement so that you can reduce the face aperature down in size in severe conditions. There is a band of Liquid Seal Taping inside the neck. Once you have pushed you head through this, the hood itself is superstretch so stretches to fit whatever size head is required. Tip... If you warm the neck seal up by working it with your fingers for a few seconds it goes on a lot easier. All the other features are there too such as the anti-drip peak and the double collar, designed to prevent flushing into the suit.

Especially worthy of mention is the desisn of the drawstring arrangement. The toggle itself is round so that it does not protrude up into the line of sight (unlike some that we have seen). The "piece-de-resistance" however must surely go to the "Popper Parker". The drawstring features a popper which locates it onto the neck... why? To stop the wind from lashing the damn thing across your face every couple of seconds... brilliant, so simple but so effective.


Double-lined 2mm 100% 'X' stretch neoprene with glued and blindstitched seams. Has perforated ear panels and adjustable face opening.

- Full length Balaclava style hood
- Unique, neck seal to stop water flush
- "X" Stretch Neoprene all over for comfort.
- Drawstring face opening


Take care of your hood by following these simple instructions:

Rinse your hood with fresh water and hang it out to drip dry after every use.

Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer.

Do not use bleach on your

Do not urinate in your

Do not hang your
hood in direct sunlight for long periods of time

Do not leave your
hood in a damp festering heap


If you measure around your head just above the ears the Sizing is approx: 

54-56cm Small
56-58cm Medium
58-60cm Large
60cm+ Extra Large

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