Our Surfboard Repair Center

Our repairs are carried out by a professional local surfer who has many years experience in board repair.

Repairs take up to 5 working days. Once returned from repair we hold the board for you for free for the first 7 days and after this we charge €5 per week storage fee to hold on to it.

Problems we can fix:

- Snapped boards
- FCS snaps
- Fix fin breaks
- Creases
- De-lamanations
- Epoxy board repairs
- Future fin boxes

For more information on ding repairs give us a call on 051-391011

 Ding Repair on Surfboard Rail 


Repair your own Surfboard

Alternatively you can also repair your own board. This way works out cheaper and we sell the kits to help you do it. We currently offer two types of ding repair kits. The first is a fibreglass/epoxy kit which includes; resin, q cells, cloth, sandpaper, hardener and other essential items needed to repair your board. If done correctly it results in a perfect finish, working out at €15 - €30.

Ding Repair Kit Ding Repair Kit

Our second kit is a lot easier to use. It requires mixing a putty, rubbing into the ding and allowing the mixture to get hard before sanding it to a smooth finish. This is a weaker repair and doesn't look as good but it's a quick and easy fix. These kits cost between €8 - €13

A helpfull video from youtube

Session Saver Repair Kit
For more information on ding repairs give us a call on 051-391011

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