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Alder Impact FrontAlder Impact Front

Alder Impact 3/2

Instore Price: €84.00
Manufacturer: Alder



With the Alder Impact series you get a great measure of performance technology at unbeatable value. The Impact Series uses Alder’s X-Stretch neoprene on the arms and underarms for the ultimate fit and comfort. You’ll also find a super comfortable collar, durable knee pads and a genuine YKK zip.


- Single lined torso to prevent wind chill and help maintain inner core body temperature.

- Flatlocked seam construction.

- Glideskin adjustable collar for comfort and seal.

- Dual texture polyurethane kneepads.

- “X” stretch on shoulders for free flexible movement.

Size Chart

These size charts should be used as a guide and by no means be used as a substitute for visiting us if possible to find a wetsuit that fits you.


Waist Chest
S 30 - 31 35 - 36
M 32 - 33 37 - 38
MS 31 - 32 36 - 37
MT 32 - 33 37 - 38
ML 34 - 35 39 - 40
L 36 - 37 41 - 42
XL 37 - 38 43 - 45
XXL 39 - 40 46 - 47
XXXL 41 - 42 48 - 49

Please note * indicates extra length and sizes are in inches.


Take care of your wetsuit by following these simple instructions:

Rinse your suit with fresh water and hang it out to drip dry after every use.

Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer.

Do not use bleach on your wetsuit.

Do not urinate in your wetsuit.

Do not hang your wetsuit in direct sunlight for long periods of time

Do not leave your wetsuit in a damp festering heap

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