The Flying Carpet is classic retro styling. But also a wave magnet in a compact shape. Here are 3 new boards from escape through the factory. All finished with a rail & bottom resin tint with pin line. With a full Gloss giving it a rich shine finish. A thing of beauty that will catch loads of waves and get lots of attention.

Single concave nose, slight 'v' tail. Round pin tail and single fin box with FCS side fins. This has been our most popular retro style board it's literally a short longboard. Fun for a beginner or a good surfer looking for a fun styling retro board. Very compact with width and a flatter rocker. Early take off and deep section maker. Single fins and side biters make beautifully drawn cutbacks your reality.

We have one in stock right now and another couple arriving in a few weeks. You can also treat yourself to a custom board hand made to your specifications. Complete with your own unique spray or resin tint, because your worth it.

Come to the shop and see us, email us or call on 051-391011.


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